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Luaripak Livestock Company (LLC)


LLC Dairy Farm is located in Qazi Ahmed, District: Nawabshah which is situated on main national highway approximately 3 hours drive from Karachi and 30 minutes drive from Nawabshah city Airport & National Railway Station in (Sindh). LLC is a proprietorship concern and part of The Luaripak Group of Companies

Current Status

  • Current Number of Animals: 200 Cows & 100 Buffalos. Calves Male & Female 100. The Cows are a cross between Friesian and Sahiwal Punjab and Buffalos are local Sindh breeds.
  • Milk Productions: Average yield at peak lactation stage for Cow is 20 Litres (24 hour cycle) & Buffalo 8 litres (24 hours cycle) per day. At the moment, most of the stock has dried up and are pregnant but gradually getting back into the lactation cycle. We have 50 cows and 50 buffalos lactating at the moment
  • Fodder Supply: We hold 1000 acres land in the surrounding area of the farm. Currently 100 acres are allocated to the farm to fulfill the fodder requirement of the animals however 1000 acres are earmarked for future expansion plans. We grow seasonal green fodder includes corn, maize & alfalfa
  • Farm Policy for Calves: Policy is to retain female cattle and induct them into the system once matured. Male buffalos and cows are raised till one year and then sold in the open meat market


Operations of the company are managed & supervised by the Group CEO supported by a team of 25 full time employees which includes in-house Veterinary Doctor, Farm Manager, Grass Production Foreman, Farm Hands and back office to manage administrative and finance functions of the business

Project Layout

  • Project is built on 20 acres.
  • Three Asian Style Sheds. Each shed has capacity to hold 200 animals, 100 on each side. Therefore total available capacity is to hold 600 animals under already built up sheds. Separate & detached are for calfs
  • We have Water sprinklers system with pressure pumps
  • Proper drainage system
  • 1000 yards fenced area as open plot on each side of the sheds, used by cattle
  • We have planned capacity for future expansion to accommodate 2500 cattle heads within our 20 acre boundary wall
  • To ensure uninterrupted power supply at the farm we have two standby power generators (one 7 KVA & one 25 KVA)
  • Milk Chiller for safe storage of milk upto 3000 litres

Future Plans

We are working towards expansion of the project as mentioned above the project has the capacity to increase number of animals upto 2500 with land holding to fulfill the fodder requirements

In addition to increasing milk production by increasing number of animals we also have access to milk supply from 500 farms (5-10 cows/buffalos avg per farm) in the vicinity of the project & approximately 3000 small scale dairy farms within one hour drive distance. We have a strong network with the local dairy farmers and commitment to supply milk in bulk in case of macro level expansion in future.

Project Expansion

  • We have SEDF credit assistance approved for PKR. 25 Million which will be utilised for following infrastructure and machinary;
  • Forage Harvester to cut the fodder for current operations as well as for the planned expansion.
  • Silage bunkers
  • Automated Imported Milk Parlour
  • Feed mill