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Agro Based Company Overview


  • Agro Based Company was introduced inline with the overall T LG group strategy to diversify and venture into different industry sectors
  • The company which deals with Fishery has been in business since 2002
  • Currently there are Six Fish Lakes which offer Eight different varieties of fish to the local market
  • The company has a strict quality control system in place to comply with safety, health and quality standards

Fish Lakes

  • Agro Based Company has six natural fish lakes which are situated in Badin, Sindh
  • Five out of the six lakes are fully operational
  • The names of the Six fish lakes are as follows
    • Khahi
    • Nang Jhar
    • Bugharati
    • Mithrandi
    • Kari Khadi
    • Nahriyari

Type of Fishes

  • Agro Based Company offers eight variety of fishes which differ in shape, size and taste
  • The names of the Eight fish types are as follows
    • Jherko
    • Ghandhan
    • Grass (Chinese Carp)
    • Theri
    • GullFam
    • Kuraro (Rahu)
    • Morakho
    • Mundho
Kuraro, Gullfam & Grass Type fishes are most popular

Khahi Fish Lake

Khahi Fish Lake is approximately 200 acres in area and 5 feet deep

Nangjhar Fish Lake

Nang Jhar Fish Lake is approximately 130 acres in area and 5 feet deep

Bugharati Fish Lake

Bugharati Fish Lake is approximately 80 acres in area and 4 feet deep

Mithrandi Fish Lake

Mithrandi Fish Lake is approximately 30 acres in area and 6 feet deep

Kari Khadi Fish Lake

Kari Khadi Fish Lake is approximately 40 acres in area and 4 feet deep

Nahriyari Fish Lake

Nahriyari Fish Lake is approximately 120 acres in area and 5 feet deep

Future Outlook

Projects in the pipeline include switching over to scientific and modern methods of fishery and converting the natural lakes to state of the art fish lakes according to International Standards with a focus to increase the current production level and to endeavour into export market